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There are many reasons why most people do not understand what procurement means, or for that matter supply chain. Its deifinitely been noted to stand side by side with the term corruption and bribery, as this has been the manner in which it has grown to be known not just in public sector organisations, but in private companies as well.

Procurement is a missunderstood profession in many ways. For instance many people do not think of it as a real job, people often think of it as a job that can be done hand in hand with any other admin job. Fart, thats just probably true for small companies that don’t do much procurement in the first place. Give room for the Kenyan procurement professional to grow in your organisation.

Supply chain is interlinked with procurement and the two are sometimes used together though they can mean different things. Procurement is the buying process, from the point of identifying the need and advertising all through to the contract signing. Supply Chain on the other hand is more of moving the goods from point of supply to point of demand basically th process of delivery. Not so complex afterall, eh?

Many more companies are realising the need to have a Kenyan procurement professional, someone who is proficient with the buying process, especially because its pretty clear that transparency can at times be rather blury.