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I have been trying to avoid writing on this topic because i know what controvesy it could get. Lets be honest, when it comes to procurement, almost all people associate the profession with corruption deals. Most of my friends often think that since i am in procurement then for sure i am rich. Why? Because apparently all procurement people are normally involved in deals with the suppliers who give them “a cut”

There are many reasons that people still think this way:

  1. We (procurement officers) have easy access to suppliers who will do whatever we say
  2. We are the link between the supplier and his business
  3. We have access to the main approver/signature
  4. We have the ability to convince the approver on which supplier to go with and why
  5. Its easy to manipulate the process in terms of faking documentation

That’s a lot of power that we have in our hands. I have personally never taken up a supplier on the deal offer, though i have gotten it twice or thrice. Somehow, they were surprised that i turned them down. Is your procurement professionalism and career worth the dough? I say no, what say you?