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There is something very interesting about being in procurement. There are many procurement officers especially in public sector who have been there for years and years, used to the same old ways of doing business.

However, more and more procurement officers of today want to improve the professionalism of this field. Why is it that there is a lacking in professionalism in the first place?

Its not rocket science, its because of corrupt pratices in public and private procurement processes. So we end up with having numerous experienced procurement officers who may not all together be professional. Where do we draw the line with this and how can we make old dogs learn new tricks, as the adage goes?

Professionalism goes hand in hand with proper appropriate training in procurement. With time the options for training in this field are growing, which will make proficiency in the various subject matters grow as well. Additionally, recruiting a poorly trained procurement officer will be a matter of the past.

It is difficult, it is challenging, it is simply a change that many are not too comfortable with. I guess that’s the difference of being a procurement professional nowadays, you get used to the discomfort, heck you expect it from suppliers and work colleagues, so learn to live with it whether you are an old or a young dog.