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In procurement as other fields, there is a difference in  where you find your comfort zone as a procurement professional. Perhaps that sounds obvious but not really. For example, there is the operations side of procurement and supply chain which basically involves the actual work of hassling suppliers, dealing with clients, signing approvals, inspections, procurement processes, sorting out clearing agents, dispatching trucks, carrying out stock takes and many many more. On the flip side there is the systems monitoring that is also done, this simply checks the use of controls, processes and procedures, doesnt do the actual hands on work.

Both approaches are used by many organisations in Kenya today, and with the noticeable difference, they should be carried out by independent parties and never by the same person. Perhaps the reason why more organisations are embacing procurement audits and reviews. A person checking whether procurement control systems have been used in the manner in which they are supposed to be used is sort of like a mini auditor or assessor.

So whats your preference?

I am lucky to have had a taste of both sides, and now i think i miss the operations side of things. You?