Contract administration is one of those things that look straightforward yet it is challenging in the real. I read somewhere that it should provide to you cradle-to-grave contract support which ideally should help you get the most out of your contractor but within budget. Meaning from the time that you are creating a contract, its fragility means you should be on top of things until the signing. But it doesn’t end there, its keep to also be on top when it comes to execution of the contract.

Many different facets are involved in the contract administration because one has to ensure the budget is maintained and quality work is recieved at the same time. Thus engaging both your project technical managers as well as finance managers. Sounds a bit challenging.

The bottom line for me though when it comes to contracts, if you don’t know certain things then by all means seek clarifications. Many times procurment professionals  assume certain deliverables will be obvious. Asking where you are unsure shows a couple of things, off the top of my head: that you are interested, that you want the best for your organisation and that you are interested in learning.