Its been a busy week i have hardly had time to blog. The main reason being i have been carrying out a procurement assessment for a client perhaps that should be in plural. This means spending a lot of time at the clients reviewing procurement files, from beginning to end for high value contracts. Carrying out a review can be challenging though when you do it once or twice with different clients then it becomes easier to do, and sometimes you already know what red flags you should be looking out for.
Reviewing is sort of like a story was told and now your getting to hear it at that point in time. Though i try not to be too anal, as sometimes you can easily be in the frame of mind of just wanting to find something wrong even though things look ok. Its like trying not to over audit i guess.

I have also accepted to learn along the way and research where i have no clue what is going on. There are certain instances when you simply have to accept that you don’t know everything 🙂