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I write this out of frustration because perhaps some people don’t realise what power and blessing you have when you are selected as  a consultant especially to work in a country that has been through hardship like South Sudan. I mean you are one of the few among the many.

Seriously though, the other day we went to one of the Ministries and were consulting with a new Procurement specialist who replaced a previous one. She was having to reconstruct one of the contract registers from scratch because apparently this didnt exist with the previous procurement specialist. It irks me that she was now having to go through 4 year history that she knew nothing about to come up with the register. It was very pro active of her which was great, but why was she having to do this?

On further examination of the situation and consulting (no pun intended) i realised that there was actually no contract register in existence from the 4 years. Well, its a basic procurement tool to have which to me made me begin to question why the consultant left no substantial prourement tools that this Ministry could build on. Many people become consultants in the hope that they will get the hefty pay that comes with it, especially from donors. I don’t think the consultant is to blame, perhaps its the donor to blame. They are the ones who give consultants the TORs so why not include a bunch of deliverables and measureable impact which is supervised by said donor….man, perhaps their too busy spending other funds by hiring more consultants!