Many people tend to not bother having one, or some keep one but do not update it as often as should be the case.

A contract register can actually be extremely helpful as soon as you begin to embrace it.

Its a simple tool where you keep record of contract details. To date a contract register has helped me get information access real quick. How to use your contract register to work for you:

  1. Update as soon as you sign on a contract, or weekly or monthly, depending on what kind of a worker you are. The more updating you have to do the more you will tend not ot want to do and so you won’t do it
  2. Keep it simple and easy to understand, put the detail you know your organisation needs upfront
  3. Have one person do the updating , or rotate the duty
  4. Make a habit of continually referring to it
  5. It is only as helpful as you make it

Do you find it cumbersome to maintain your contracts register?