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Moving specialised cargo can be a nightmare, more so depending on the country regulations and how prepared you are. Specialised cargo means out of th ordinary kind of caro which requires wider spaces, cranes to lift or perhaps have increased tonnage.

  1. Inform your transporter upfront that you will need specialised services and take the time out of your schedule to go into detail about what nature of cargo you are brining in. Get pictoral if need be.
  2. Research on your own what the regulations in your country are and consult with your transporter. Sometimes Kenyan transporters advertise in local dailies when they are moving specialized cargo on the roads to alert other road users.
  3. Get an experienced transporter, it is no time to experiment because things can go fairly wrong failry fast
  4. Be fully insured
  5. Prepare a list of offloading equipment needs with estimated numbers of labourers required. Find a local source as this will minimise mobilisation costs of moving equipment

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