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As a procurement professional you definitely meet all sorts of characters and personalities. The suppliers that you come across tend to either leave you with memorable thoughts or dreadful memories with a bad after taste, just think about it for a moment.

A supplier may look attractive for a number of reasons:

  1. On time delivery of your orders in the way you ordered them
  2. Ability to pick your calls even after hours because they understand  that urgent really means URGENT
  3. Ability for the supplier to get you a statement of your account easily, so that you can determine where you are at with payments and the numbers
  4. Quality products and variety options available
  5. A discount every now and then, even if its not a very significant one, as it makes you feel like the supplier cares
  6. Ability to advise you on what you have ordered especially if there are other similar brands/models in the market
  7. Blunt honesty on products and their quality not trying to push products on you unnecessarily
  8. Offers personalized service with one contact person who actually works with your organisation
  9. Provides updates of your orders, you shouldn’t have to constantly be chasing for information its taxing and frustrating
  10. Is able to also deliver in bulk when need be and has the resources to do so

What other pointers do you think make suppliers attractive out there? Drop a line…