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Its never too shocking to hear of a state agency being reported to have graft issues, more so in Kenya. There is still alot of clean up pending, even with the Public Procurement and Disposals Act in place it remains a challenge. Yesterday the latest graft reported was with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). The Kenyan local newspaper Daily Nation reported that the staff were demonstrating due to a myriad of issues:

“They also accused members of KBC’s board of blatant conflict of interest since one of them also sits in the board of Radio Africa – a competitor media house and another owns a company – Broadcast Solutions International – which provides services to KBC through what they termed skewed tendering. The company had been prequalified to supply KBC with equipment for the period 2011-2013.”

Additionally “Robert Wekesa the procurement manager had “a long and close relationship” with an individual who owns four companies which supplied the company with broadcast equipment”

“KBC’s receipt and inspection committee has not been operational for the last two years, for reasons unknown to us”

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What’s been your experience in resolving such organisations that are knee deep in graft? I’m guessing investigations from Anit Corruption Commssion of Kenya and Public Procurement Oversight Authority will follow.

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