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Its interesting to have read Kenyan daily newspaper this past Friday 16th March 2012. As i mentioned in a previous post here on graft and the hope that Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) would investigate and different public entity, it was reported that similarly this had befallen National Cereals and Produce Board  (NCPB) of Kenya after a complaint raised from a fertilizer supplier.  The message made loud and clear in black and white in the local daily showed the suppliers grounds for complaints as follows:

(a)   Procurement method used by the procuring entity is not known to be the Act (PPDA)

(b)   Procurement entity has iolated prescribed threshold 

(c)    Fraudulent splitting of procurements

(d)   Non compliance with rules as to tender termination

(e)    Unauthorized solicitation of electronic bids

(f)     Fraudulent award of contract before notification

I look forward to hering the fate of NCPB, but kudos to suppliers taking action it would be great to hear similar cases going forward and thrown into the public domain. Suppliers who have had similar experience with Kenyan public procurement should look into their won interests and lodge the complaint in the appropriate manner.

What are your thoughts on this one? Drop me a line…