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I don’t know about other government offices out there but there is something that just gets to me about our Kenyan gover offices. Is it that some procurement officers skipped the part about disposals or is it just me? Is there a challenge in disposing off old, dusty and unutilised stock or is there some form of closure that is needed.

 Its classic in every Ministry you go to find outdated electronics lying around the corridors, dead rusty cars occupying parking space, old printers stashed ontop of filing cabinets with hanging cables and even piled up old furniture with cushions occupying the reception area which means there is actually no reception area.

Honeslty, if something has been dusty and in storage for over a year who in their right mind will want to use it in their office, afterall its outdated. No one wants old crap at work so do something about it.

Are we too busy spending to realise how much disposing we need to do before we should continue spending? When officers/directors are promoted they will request for new furniture and new equipment which they will recieve, but why don’t you do something else with the old other than shelving  corridors to oblivion.

What’s so challenging about disposing? There are numerous options when it comes to disposals but why aren’t public procurement officers being more pro active in engaging themselves and their suprvisors in this badly needed exercise?