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I love to see a successful transparent procurement process take place irrespective of whatever method is being used in whichever part of the world. These are 10 pointers for suppliers when tendering:-

  1. Obtain bid documents as soon as they are available this gives you more time
  2. Read the documents carefully in particular the technical specifications and the evaluation criteria to ensure that you understand clearly what’s required
  3. Use the form provided in the bidding documents without any change in particular bid submission forms, bid security formats or bid securing declarations, price schedules etc
  4. Make sure all the documents requested in the submission are filled as required in the bidding documents. ALL
  5. Make sure your bid submission form is signed by someone authorized to commit your enterprise/organization into the process such as a managing director or furnish power of attorney documentation
  6. If bid security is required make sure the bid security is of the amount specified and remains valid for the period specified in the bidding documents
  7. Provide evidence – licenses, list of previous customers, financial- establishing that you meet the qualification requirements that are requested in the bidding documents
  8. Make sure the outer envelope is sealed, you would be surprised!
  9. Make sure that your bid has the correct address and that it reaches its destination by the deadline date and time
  10. If possible be present or represented at the bid opening ceremony, as this also provides you an opportunity to network with the potential customer and like minded people in your industry