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I was asked this question recently, i.e how do I ensure I deliver value when I am carrying out the procurement or  supply chain activities? Food for thought. My response included the followingpointers:

  1. I am a very inquisitive person (which works to my benefit) so I always make sure I know what the quality is and who the supplier is. If it’s a supplier we’ve done business with before it is better. If not I normally want to meet the person or I even go to their location to check it out.
  2. Value in terms of do we get what we are paying for is by obviously soliciting in the right manner and making sure it is transparent. If you solicit by RFQ make sure your documentation is all on file for anyone to come and confirm/verify.
  3. Basically whenever I work I make sure I leave things in a way that even if I don’t show up for work because I am sick, the file is set up and the documents are all there. This also helps other team members like finance do quick reference when they need to.
  4. Through experience of working with auditors, I now don’t believe something until I have seen it with my own eyes. So unless I see it, to me it’s nonexistent. If a supplier says the consignment is on the way, unless I have the AWB or BOL in front of me I don’t believe it.

So, how do you deliver value in your day to day procurement or general work tasks?