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For those looking to study CIPS in Kenya it is not clear what the procedure is, and I must admit I also had to go back and forth trying to get a better understanding. This is how to register for CIPS if you are in Kenya and perhaps applies to other African countries:

The British Council is your friend 🙂

Get the form for registering as a student member of CIPS and confirm the registration fee. Confirm the exchange rate to effect the payment (payments are paid in GBP however there is an exchange rate and this change is MONTHLY) Go to the respective bank, in Kenya it is Standard Chartered get the deposit slip – confirm the exchange rate and pay in Kenya shillings. Return a copy of the deposit slip together with completed form to British Council and other docs they ask for – wait for CIPS to send you an email confirming everything

To my knowledge whether you are doing self-study, or college lectures – the payments to CIPS UK i.e. registration and examination fees are paid through British Council. The Kenya British Council is super helpful; if you email them on information@britishcouncil.or.ke they respond in 24hrs, they will even tell you the exchange rate on email.

The above should be followed for exam applications as well.

In my post tomorrow we’ll discuss CIPS UK and how things work with them once you have submitted your forms to British Council.