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After submitting your documents to British Council, CIPS decide what level you should start at based on certificates you have and your work experience, generally if you have a combination of Uni degree and relevant experience it will likely be CIPS Level 4 Foundation Diploma. They confirm this in writing and email you.

Now you are registered you have a CIPS membership number that they send you and they give you log in details to the CIPS site. This gives you access to ALL past papers you could dream off and a discussion forum. It also has templates if you ever need and bits and bobs that are helpful.

If you are not clear about anything, you can email CIPS UK they too are generally very helpful, always provide the membership number so that they respond to you faster. The email is customer.services@cips.org and they generally give 3 days to respond but they always do.
CIPS will also send stuff through the postal mail, but if you live in Kenya you know how snail mail is REALLY snail mail. Don’t wait on stuff through your postal mail, use email it’s faster!

Tomorrow I’ll give you an insight into self-study for CIPS based on my personal experiences.