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Many people from all over the world send me emails asking about the exam course books for CIPS exams. Clearly it doesn’t come cheap, however if you are a CIPS member for the Diploma full set of book for example, CIPS give discounts of GBP50!

It is easy to buy the books online from the bookshop on cips.org but my challenge being in Kenya (for example) is once these books arrive at the post office for collection i will more than likely be charged a fee for customs. Now that may not be the case in other countries but it is for Kenya.

One way of battling this in preparing for the CIPS exams is print out the syllabus and then use that in your study! It may be smarter way of doing it and at least you are assured the subject matters in the syllabus document will be what is meant to be covered in the exams.