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Q: I am just starting Cips level 4 and i received my books but it was a shock because it is the first time on my own without a lecturer. i did download a
few past papers and boy i am scared…….Please can you assist me………..

A: Nice to hear from you. What help specifically do you need? Are you having challenges studying? Have you started studying? Have you planned out when you will want to sit exams? Which country are you in?

Q:So much of questions……………..LMAO. I am in South Africa and I have just read my first chapter in the course book. I found it very challenging and confusing at the same time I find unnecessary repetitive things so I don’t know what is important for the exams or not and I did down load past papers but there was only 3 on the net…

A: So i gather you are just overwhelmed with the self study set up. I’ll be blunt enough to help you by saying you just have to study by yourself. You are the only motivator you have. This is where i also say pull up your big girl panties and get going. I have done it and anyone can do it. Go through the blog i have posted many many tips for self study. The reason there was only 3 past papers is because the syllabus changed in 2013. Your immediate concerns are:
1. Make a timetable read one chapter DAILY and write some notes.
2. Decide which exams you are going to sit for and begin prepping. In your case i would not advise sitting all papers. Maybe select 2
3. Do not go through those past papers until you have finished reading your course material. Do not because i promise you will be even more overwhelmed with how much you do not know.