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For those about to sit for CIPS exams, BEST WISHES!

I recently came across this article in the SM magazine which I think will be quite ideal for most of you sitting for exams.

Be prepared to Pass is the article, written by Patrick Wolf in the December 2011 issue of SM, you can read it here

Some pointers I have seen worth repeating as you prepare for CIPS exams are:

“Time management: Start your preparation as early as possible

Purchase the relevant CIPS or Profex books, including the pass-notes related to the module

Go to the CIPS website and within study resources print off the past examination papers of the module(s) you are studying for.Review each question, noting their format, style and structure from the previous six, eight or even 10 past examination papers. Jot down the frequency key question topics occur. Key topics should be cross checked against the relevant course notes and books, then summarised on cue cards. This will help focus your revision correctly.

There is also a set of exam technique guidelines, including words used in exam questions. Familiarise yourself with them – for example, what does ‘analyse’ or ‘define’ mean within a CIPS question?”

Read the whole article here for all the CIPS examination preparation tips.