There’s a reason i normally tell you to use the past papers AFTER you have finished with the course book. Sometimes it may not make sense to you when you are dying to see how much you know basically to test yourself and the knowledge you have so far grasped!


If you read past papers before finishing the course material believe me you will be overwhelmed at how much you DO NOT KNOW. You may even cry.

That overwhelming – ness will make you wonder “why am i even bothering with this CIPS its too hard probably i should postpone the exams”

You realize that you are in over your head with too little time, convincing yourself that there is nothing you can do about it

Past papers only begin to make sense once you have at least had a taste of all the course content that you have read through

When you use the past papers after reading the course material you find that at least you have a good idea of the answers and it actually gives you encouragement to now read even harder.

So the sooner you finish reading the course material the sooner you can get to checking your knowledge up against the past papers.