I try to stick to my timetable as much as possible because when its crunch time and i am unprepared, i tend to get to desperation-ville. Ever visited?

Before you read any further though there’s something i need you to understand…. here goes: You must study daily

This is the timetable that i use time and time again as i prepare for CIPS exams. Its quite basic but it gets me there.

Monday – Friday 1.5HR of study per day
Saturday 1.5HR of study morning
Saturday 1.5HR of study afternoon
Sunday 1.5HR of study morning
Sunday 1.5HR of study afternoon
*Read through 1 Chapter per day beginning to end – take short notes and take the short true/false tests that come at the end of each chapter. Read the chapter summary that comes at the end irrespective of how bored you feel.
*Best to study after you get home from work straight away before getting distracted with other tasks OR before you sleep or even early morning – everyone can be different due to schedules and preferences. I normally study the minute i am home from work mostly so that i can get it over and done with and enjoy the rest of the evening.
*Assuming that you don’t work full day on Weekends. Please also note this is 1.5HR of study without any breaks, just put all your focus in there without rushing yourself and without distractions.
Using past papers to accelerate your Study
  • On completion of studying the course books you can now look at the past papers.
  • Test yourself like you are sitting for a real exam and mark your answers based on the Examiners reports. Where you fail go back and understand why.
  • Look for trends in the past papers because there certain sections/topics that are always repeated.