I have some interesting developments to share.

30 April of this year i received an email from CIPS which was a call for nominations to CIPS Congress to represent Africa Students. I was not going to do much about the email, however…

For some strange reason i realized that i should actually submit my interest because that sort of platform would help me push for the solutions for Africa students especially with access to books and affordability! Yes Nigeria you are still on my mind.

I want to help the CIPS students out there who reach out to me with challenges related to the CIPS system. So i made my submission on 7 May and it was received together with a letter from my sponsor.

Now, the process is by ballot which will be carried out for CIPS by the Electoral Reform Services. Having gone back this morning to read the emails about the election, i now realize i want the position REEEEEEEEEEEAL bad.

Love to all, please say a prayer for me you know i will not let you down.