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…. I am from Mombasa. am a procurement professional and a UON bcom graduate(procurement & supply chain). i’d like to register for cips and i believe i have to start from diploma level. some of the units are like a repetition of what we did in univeristy. to do them again sounds boring and time consuming. do you know of any bcom graduate with procurement from UON that has got exemptions with cips. is the exemptions process time consuming and tedious.? your feedback will highly be appreciated. Thank you.


Hope you are doing well in Mombasa….thanks so much for stopping by the blog i’m so excited to hear from you!!!

When i first join CIPS i also felt the same way, i didn’t think that i needed to do a repetition and i similarly thought it would be a waste of my time since at the time i had a diploma from KIM in procurement and supply chain which in my opinion had covered the syllabus for level 4. But i realized that it was actually me being narrow minded. Here’s the thing we all know CIPS qualification is the international standard for procurement professionals and we need the qualification because even nowadays in job adverts here in Kenya this is what the basic criteria has become.
On your question about exemptions with CIPS – i decided i was not going to apply for them, which was a decision i made after much thought it simply was not worth it because i found out:
  1. exemption fee is the same as the exam fees
  2. there is no guarantee that they will exempt you so if you pay then they review your transcripts then after that they decide that you actually dont qualify – you will have lost time, money and you are back to  the beginning – that would really annoy me…
  3. taking the level 4 exams will be a great opportunity to learn new things and also apply your job in answer to questions
  4. their critieria for assessing whether you qualify or not is not clear – i have no idea what parameters they use
Personally i think asking for exemptions is a waste of time and money but that is simply my personal opinion – i also have no idea how long it would take from point of applying to the point of receiving the response maybe a month? i have no clue.