As most of you maybe aware i am running for the CIPS Congress election, for the Africa student representative. I had briefly mentioned it a few posts back that you can read here

Well my reason for this post is to appeal to Africa CIPS students, if you have not voted already for your representative to the CIPS congress, the voting closes on 20th July. Its about 15 days away. Please make sure you vote.

I would be even happier if you voted for me purely because:

1. I truly believe i can push some of the agendas and challenges that i know students have reached out to me about you each know yourselves.

2. I am fully committed to helping newbies and oldies with CIPS processes to make them easier to understand

3. I want to connect students that are in the same locality (and have no idea!) together because we can actually be successful working together than alone on each of our individual islands.

4. I want to help students get their resources in an easier manner- sometimes its a challenge because CIPS seems to operate differently in different countries but surely there’s something that can be done to make the process easier?

5. As you have noticed by now i am quite persistent, i rarely take No for an answer and i would do the same given the opportunity to represent Africa students.

If all the above sounds appealing vote for me