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downloadI recently had a memory cross my mind taking me back to the reason why I started this blog in the first place. I started it because I had no access to somewhere I could get “how to get started” CIPS information. So I documented everything to be able to help everyone else who came after me looking for online help.

Today I have a small challenge for you. If you know other friends, family and work colleagues wanting to be CIPS certified OR needing to be CIPS certified they should know that this information is available and easy to get.

I would like you to share the blog with them.


  1. People you give help to most times feel obligated to someday reciprocate – we are human and that is the basic truth
  2. CIPS is a global procurement training to elevate ourselves professionally through networks – the more you are engaged with people in the procurement network the better the chances your name will pop up for opportunities.
  3. And lastly, sharing information helps yourself progress. Just look at how far I have come now to getting the opportunity and being voted in to represent the Africa students at CIPS Congress.

Friends, sometimes a small seed planted may yield today, tomorrow, next month or even next year the problem comes when no seed has been planted.

What are you doing differently in your CIPS life?