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AD3 was not an easy paper for me, so i am happy to share with you the challenges i went through so that you can make sure they don’t get you.

I got my case study late, i had been studying all along but had no idea there was a case i was meant to be studying. Read about that here. I only realized a few days to the exam that there was a case and i then had to rush to the post office. Probably a day before that i then realized that the case was on the CIPS website all along. CIPS will release the Case exactly one month before the exam. If the exam is on 17th Nov for example, by 17th Oct the case study will be published. So, keep checking the site don’t wait for your postal mail. Personally i think they should be emailing the case but anyway that’s a discussion for another day.

Next i realized that going into the exam room can be overwhelming. Some people seemed to have too many resources with them- the course book, a note book, past papers, external materials – keep it simple go with your course book only, thats all you will need. The reason is this, you don’t want to waste too much time look for the references to answer a question because it means you will not manage to finish the paper. Trust me i have been there done that do not feel like a hero going in with all the material in the world. Keep it simple, if you have studied you will be fine. The other thing about people who had too much materials on their desk, you are literally fumbling and stumbling, papers are falling you get extremely distracted from answering the exam.

Because this is a Case study, please do not think that you dont need to put in the same effort in answering the questions. If anything, MORE work is needed because you have to make ALL answers relevant to the case and keep pulling in information from the case to put into your responses.

Hope this has helped someone…