Alot of us are already in the procurement and supply chain field.

Part of my employment threw me into the Business Development (BD) side of things. I was excited at the additional role because i was beginning to feel a bit bored with the mundane work. I am sure some of you feel me?

The BD work was made up of responding to tenders as well as proposals, preparing them for submission and ensuring that they got to the tender box in time. Now, government and private sector tendering can be very different. It also included preparing the responses to Expression of Interest and Vendor Registration process.

I remember doing a tender for National Oil Corporation of Kenya which required so much documentation that i began to wonder if their tender committee was going to read any of it? The process of preparing documentation and content for submission can be tedious and boring but very necessary in order to even be considered to move forward in the process.

I will be sharing some tendering tips and tricks that worked for me in preparing documents for the tendering process, and i really look forward to getting your experience shares as well.