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Exam week is more or less 1 month away give
or take a  few days. I tell you it feels really nice to be on the other side of MCIPS, i cant lie. However, it didn’t come easy and part of my passion is helping CIPS students like you on the journey because i have been there done that, plus i was caught smack in the middle when they changed the syllabus.

I know the stress, I understand the desperation of wanting to pass so badly. Think about it though if you haven’t prepared for CIPS exams do you deserve to even pass? You deserve to be in a lot of panic that’s what you deserve.

Preparing for exams with less than one month believe or not is possible.


These are the top things you MUST do now if you have not taken your preparation seriously up to this point and you want a chance at passing:

  • Get a calendar, set a timetable and stick to it, bury your excuses and stop procrastinating, push yourself because i assure you nobody else will
  • Put aside your social life, sacrifice and make time to study – forget about meeting pals, going for a drink, go to work, get home, study be focused
  • Make the most of your weekends, stay indoors don’t let yourself be derailed by people who don’t understand your career goals. Weekends are GREAT for focused study

Don’t overthink, you know what you need to be doing, what exactly are you waiting for?

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