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makeI have received a few emails, asking me to tutor and to help in preparing for CIPS. Most of the time i may not always be available to tutor you directly which will hamper your progress. So this is what i am able to do. I am able to schedule a 30min coaching session with you. Yes you.

We agree the time and date of the coaching session.  I call you at the agreed time and date via Skype or Whatsapp. No special equipment is required, as Skype & Whatsapp runs on most laptops, tablets and phones so you would simply need to be in a wi-fi zone.

You can expect an engaging, positive, fun, and pro-active time.  In between scheduled sessions. I offer free support via email, to answer your questions or provide guidance thereafter. I have given you more details on the page here and you can schedule your session here

In the meantime, make the most of preparation for CIPS July exams which are right round the corner.