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One of the best and worst things about CIPS is that it is a self study as you work qualification. 

Honestly, if you are currently in a full-time job, you will find it pretty challenging to maintain a solid study schedule in the week days. So a few tips that I want to share that can work for you the way they worked for me are:

  • Schedule your time and use a time table if you must but stick to it. Honestly you have to make time to study that’s the bottom line that you have to keep in your head. 
  • Study daily, you must. Now for me evenings would work first thing when I used to get home but this can be early morning as well if that will make it work for you. 
  • Make the most of your weekends, there is so much time. A weekend is a good 48hrs and you can do A LOT in those hours. Sacrifice socialising because there will always be time for that.

What’s your biggest concerns as you prep for CIPS July exams?