Not rocket science right?download

To prepare effectively for CIPS you really need to include past papers. The key to preparing well for CIPS exams is knowing the past papers.

  1. Past papers are the LAST step in the process of studying. If you don’t know the CIPS  content, testing yourself on it won’t be that helpful.
  2. Use past papers once you have studied the content and want to see how well you know it, that’s the most ideal way to prepare for CIPS exams.
  3. Try and do your past papers under ‘exam conditions’such as testing yourself, timing yourself and marking against the examiners reports.
  4. CIPS past papers help you understand typical style of exam questions e.g case studies and helps practice exam techniques
  5. f you get in the habit of doing past papers from the get-go, by the time you get to the CIPS exam you’ll be better prepared to know exactly what is required.

Get your head in the game and you will soar through CIPS exams.

Let me know if you need the link to download past papers, drop a line here