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Study notes are a sure way of having short key pointers that help you remember and master specific aspects of procurement to enable you to better respond to examiners questions.

They should be used as support material alongside other books you are using to study.

My first resource My Level 4 Study notes cost $15.95 which covers all the course material summarized for Level 4 exam prepping.

Why should you buy the study notes?

  • They make easy reference
  • They are relevant to the new syllabus
  • I have progressed and successfully passed Level 4 mastering the key points as in these study notes
  • Time, resources and sweat has gone into preparing these study notes so they are quite comprehensive enough to master what you need to master
  • They are easy to read and understand
  • They are easy for you to carry around
  • They are compiled for those who have always been asking for help with preparing for exams.

If this isn’t you then by all means do not read any further.

If however you fall in any one of the descriptions above and the situation you are in is mentioned then head to the contact us page and drop me a line, let’s make it happen.


77 thoughts on “My Resources”

  1. Lynne-rae Sharp said:

    What will I have to pay for yoyr study notes?
    I am living in South Africa.
    Need urgent assist please.

    • Editor said:

      Lynne, I have sent you an email. Please go to Resources section of the site for details.

    • caroline Sibongile msibi said:

      my name is caroline msibi how much will I pay for my level 4 study notes are they for all D1,D2,D3,d4.D5 or you have to pay for each ,I am writing D1 in may 16.

  2. Brian said:

    How do i access the study spmeone try and elaborate this question : Describe three resources that are required for effective contract management . What exactly are they asking ?.

    • Its good to first understand that contract management happens AFTER the contract has been signed, to ensure that deliverables are reached. So in order to do this you have to have periodic performance reviews with contractors; resolution/reporting mechanisms; updated contract registers to monitor and control all contracts; Inclusion of technical teams on monitoring and evaluation of contractors deliverables; etc

  3. Thanks for the reply however can you mention the three resources me the word resources is a bit confusiing in this question

    • Resources are: time, people and money – with the above explanation you can allocate an example to each resource e.g with the resource of money here you implement and pay for the right caliber of people and mechanisms, resource of people means hiring the right technical people for the right job etc

  4. ajayikayode said:

    Kindly let me know how to get the study notes. i am in Nigeria.

  5. Moosa said:

    Hi, kindly send the study notes at my email

  6. Rogers said:

    Hi Naomi, requesting a copy of cips level 4 notes, am in Kenya. my email address rogersmigwi@gmail. will appreciate

  7. Rogers said:

    Naomi, kindly send me link to get cips level 4 notes

  8. Tanweer said:

    Hi Naomi
    can I get a copy of your CIPS L4 notes.

  9. edwin said:

    Hi Naomi I am enrolling for my level 4 cips exams so that i can sit for my exams on may june…i
    am finding the price of cips course books rather prohibitive as for now for me, could you sell me urs hopefully at a more reasonable price? thank you

  10. Ikechukwu Nwasor said:

    Hi Naomi,

    I am interested in this your Level 4 study notes, how can I get it in Nigeria.


  11. caroline Sibongile msibi said:

    can you please send me CIPS L4 study notes

  12. Hi Naomi,

    I would like to get you study notes for the Diploma/Level 4. I plan to sit the July 2016 intake for the first module. Please tell me what is required to get access to your notes.

    Thanks Omer

  13. Editor said:

    I have emailed each of you. Best wishes

  14. Hi,

    Do you have the level 5(AD) revision notes and how much are they?

    • Editor said:

      At the moment only level 4 study notes. How is your study coming along?

      On 27 Jul 2016 10:26, “Procurement Mentality 101” wrote:

      > Adam commented: “Hi, Do you have the level 5(AD) revision notes and how > much are they?” >

      • No problem, thanks anyway. I have just finished level 4, I think it has gone well so far. I’m moving onto Level 5 now but will be self studying this time due to costs.

  15. Editor said:

    Good, self study works and is doable. Best wishes

  16. Jessen said:

    Hi, Naomi can you please assist me with the section IV past papers and the cips course books at . Many thanks in advance

    • Editor said:

      Sent you the link to download past papers. I do not have the CIPS course books for Level IV unfortunately my copies were already purchased by someone else. Best wishes.

  17. john Njovu said:

    Cips students level 4

    • Fehintola said:

      Dear Naomi,
      I need CIPS materials on Introduction to procurement, Sourcing, Negotiation and Contract management. I will appreciate if the prices are sent to me urgently.

  18. Subomi said:

    Please i would like to get the note for level 4 , please how do i get it my email address is and somewhre i call get the full coursebook for level 4 in nigeria.

  19. Vusal said:


    How much should I pay for AC1,2,3,4 and 5 notes?

  20. chikwava said:

    i have all level 4 and 5 including all study notes

  21. tereeza arthru said:

    hi please can you send me cips level 4 notes. .thank you

  22. Thank you Naomi for this.

    Please, I need the CIPS level 4 notes, past questions and any other material that can assist me in my preparation.

  23. warren said:

    I also need to know what I need to pay in South Africa and how i can pay you the money. I need the notes for level 4 as im struggling

  24. Please advice on how i can get the study notes.

  25. Nondyebo said:

    Hi Naomi…
    I writing D2,D3 and D5. I’m interested in the notes you’re selling.
    Your urgent assistance will be highly appreciated

  26. Good day,
    Please, I need the CIPS D2, D4 and D5 notes, past questions and any other material that can assist me in my preparation.

  27. Tshepiso Pilane said:

    Hi Naomi,
    i am in need of D4 & D5 past exam papers with PM reports.
    2014/ 15 papers highly welcome.

  28. HI Naomi
    I am in need of all the notes from D1, D2 D3 D4 D5 , I am desperate Naomi ,my e-mail address Passed papers for 2013 /2014/2015/2016 will be highly appreciated.

  29. Thanks Naomi you are a life saver God bless.

  30. smurenzvi said:

    Good day,
    What’s the cost for PD6

  31. Kirsten said:

    Hi there, Could I have your CIPS D2 study notes? 2015 if at all possible

  32. Mthokozisi Kunene said:


    Kindly assist me, I am in Swaziland I want to enroll for this program, what advice can you give me?

  33. Neil Culligan said:

    Hi, I would like to obtain a copy of the study notes for D1

  34. Melody said:

    May I know how to buy it? I’d like to buy it as well. Is it up to date study notes? Thank you

  35. Ivy Mfarinya said:

    I am looking for study notes for the professional diploma ie for leadership, project and corporate. I also want study notes for operations management level 5

  36. Mukuhi Ng'ang'a said:

    I am a Level 4 student and sitting for my D3,D4 and D5 exams in July 2018.
    I would like the short notes.
    How can I access them?

  37. Ivanichka Angelova said:

    I am a Level 4.Just started my study .
    I would like the short notes as well
    How can I access them?
    Please drop me an email

    Thank you

  38. Sagir JCM said:

    Currently I am preparing for level 4 for Nov’18 exam. I think I need to buy this package. Please help and guide how I can purchase this.
    my email:

  39. Melody said:

    I’m interested 😀 if you can please email to
    Thank you so much!

  40. Hello…I am interesting in getting notes for D1 and D2…my email address is…Thank you

  41. Mandi Lamb said:

    Hi I am interested in the study notes Thank you

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