Value of CIPS Past papers

Not rocket science right?download

To prepare effectively for CIPS you really need to include past papers. The key to preparing well for CIPS exams is knowing the past papers.

  1. Past papers are the LAST step in the process of studying. If you don’t know the CIPS  content, testing yourself on it won’t be that helpful.
  2. Use past papers once you have studied the content and want to see how well you know it, that’s the most ideal way to prepare for CIPS exams.
  3. Try and do your past papers under ‘exam conditions’such as testing yourself, timing yourself and marking against the examiners reports.
  4. CIPS past papers help you understand typical style of exam questions e.g case studies and helps practice exam techniques
  5. f you get in the habit of doing past papers from the get-go, by the time you get to the CIPS exam you’ll be better prepared to know exactly what is required.

Get your head in the game and you will soar through CIPS exams.

Let me know if you need the link to download past papers, drop a line here


Caught in Syllabus Transition


I happened download (1)to be on my CIPS journey right when there was a change of syllabus. I got caught in the middle, exactly what many of your are about to go through.

I started with 2006 CIPS syllabus and I got my MCIPS with 2013 syllabus. Here is the thing we need to appreciate, there are so many changes in the world, in the global markets, in international business, in tech, in the environment – basically micro and macro changes – CIPS value the importance of providing a relevant syllabus that will empower the students to work and thrive fully. So, there will always be changes to the syllabus.

Ok, what did i do when i was caught in the middle?

Follow CIPS instructions
The communication from CIPS is normally quite thorough and they send it frequently. You have to be a paid up registered student or member in order to receive these communications from CIPS. The CIPS website had a transition tool which was able to show me what i needed to do. They will likely have a similar tool or a forum to address all students on the website i urge you to use those tools.

Reach out for Information
If you are not sure what to do, you need to reach out to people who have the right information. Friends are sometimes misleading in such situations because they may tell you “oh i heard that…………..” email CIPS directly, read the CIPS website OR go to your British Council.

Keep going
Dont be deterred, keep going on with your studies. Remember the mode of preparing for exams does not change all that is changing is some content in the course book material. The bottom line goal remains MCIPS!

My CIPS Special Offer!



download (2)You have reached out to me for direct help with your CIPS journey and with preparing for their CIPS exams.

Today, this is my offer to you.
I will help two Diploma students with their CIPS over the next few months to prepare you and get you ready for November 2018 exams. I am especially keen to work with those who are just starting out, who don’t know much and who are worried and confused.

I remember starting CIPS, I was very confused, I could not find information I could not understand when, where and what to do to get on track. I finally got it and now I can show you how.

Some of what we will go through:

  • Preparation, best techniques, tips, tricks, course material
  • Balance best practice for work, study and life
  • Access to me on a higher level
  • Exam tips, tricks and learnings to pay attention to when responding exams

Tutoring will be online based, open to all world wide and will incur a minimal fee. Remember, only open to TWO students who are planning to sit for CIPS November 2018 exams – first come basis.

CIPS new syllabus, basics


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There are changes coming to CIPS, if you have no idea, no clue what I am talking about, you need to check your emails from CIPS. You need to connect with CIPS and get the right information.  download

What am I talking about? 2019.

There is now syllabus 2018.

CIPS will update their website monthly so it is up to you to also remain in tune with the updates.


  • The first exams of the 2018 syllabus will be in July 2019
  • Remaining opportunity to take exam of the current qualifications is November 2018
  • Before the end of 2018, CIPS will provide transition guidance
  • New syllabus affects Diploma, Advanced diploma and Professional diploma
  • Don’t stop or delay your studies, what you achieve will remain valid

CIPS 2017 Past papers? SHARE

A number of CIPS student have been reaching out for 2017 past papers which I sadly do not have access to. I know many of my CIPS readers and followers have access to 2017 CIPS past papers, so I am reaching out on behalf of all those who have reached out to me and need our HELP 🙂

If you are able to share past papers for 2017 for all and any levels please drop me a line and we can see how to upload them to the Dropbox.

Together we can help each other.