Its over!


There is a sigh of relief in the air now that May CIPS exams are over.
Here’s what i heard: some exam questions were repeated and some case study was repeated.

As part of preparing for CIPS exams going through past papers is a MUST. Imagine not going through a past paper for no reason other than sheer laziness only to hear that the exam that you just sweated out had some repeated questions? That feeling of dread over comes you.

Ok, so how did exams go? Share share share, lets hear it…

ps. I hope you’ve learnt the importance of past papers?
pps.I never in a million years thought CIPS can repeat questions!

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PS. How’s exam prep going for you? 


CIPS Congress Meeting 2017



This year we had the CIPS Congress meeting towards the end of March 2017. The meeting normally brings together global representatives from all the regions of the world. If you are not familiar with the Congress this is a team of representatives from various regions e.g Africa, Australasia, MENA being the link between the Membership (i.e you guys) and the Institute. Normally CIPS send us emails on Congress and on when Congress seats are up for election. Congress also challenge the Board on decision making for the CIPS Institute and we also lobby for changes that may be needed.

This years congress we talked and brainstormed a lot about CIPS Membership proposition and retention of members which means we look at ways of keeping things fresh and exciting for CIPS members globally. We also looked at general feedback of branches and how things can work better. Obviously challenges globally are not the same which I’m sure you appreciate means solutions cannot be the same, Africa issues are in some cases different from say UK issues even with matters like access to CIPS course books.

As the representative for Africa students my plea is always sided to student needs and for me I never get tired of singing the song on the books issue. I can assure you the CIPS team are dedicated to finding solutions. Piloting and implementation of some solutions must be given due time because the goal is LASTING solutions. There is a lot happening behind the scenes to make CIPS even better beyond student life.

Thank you in believing in me to represent CIPS Africa students matters on the Congress i am passionate about the future of this profession and passionate about helping you on this journey. I am so proud of the effort and dedication that each of you put in because I know its not easy.

Have you found this blog helpful in your CIPS journey?

I love every minute of interacting with CIPS students and with helping all of you in your journey. I would like to know if the blog has been helpful to you in this journey?

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Appreciate all your help, thank you

Preparing for exams with less than 1 month to go


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Exam week is more or less 1 month away give
or take a  few days. I tell you it feels really nice to be on the other side of MCIPS, i cant lie. However, it didn’t come easy and part of my passion is helping CIPS students like you on the journey because i have been there done that, plus i was caught smack in the middle when they changed the syllabus.

I know the stress, I understand the desperation of wanting to pass so badly. Think about it though if you haven’t prepared for CIPS exams do you deserve to even pass? You deserve to be in a lot of panic that’s what you deserve.

Preparing for exams with less than one month believe or not is possible.


These are the top things you MUST do now if you have not taken your preparation seriously up to this point and you want a chance at passing:

  • Get a calendar, set a timetable and stick to it, bury your excuses and stop procrastinating, push yourself because i assure you nobody else will
  • Put aside your social life, sacrifice and make time to study – forget about meeting pals, going for a drink, go to work, get home, study be focused
  • Make the most of your weekends, stay indoors don’t let yourself be derailed by people who don’t understand your career goals. Weekends are GREAT for focused study

Don’t overthink, you know what you need to be doing, what exactly are you waiting for?

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