Feedback that brings a smile


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I feel so fulfilled when i know that i have helped even one CIPS student out there.

Thank you all so much for helping me build this CIPS community because really without you interacting with me, it would not exist. Lets continue to support one another in our CIPS journey, we certainly all need the CIPS qualification to get ahead.

All time Tips | Preparing for exams


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breathe-everything-will-be-ok-life-has-a-way-of-4986015All time tips as you prepare for CIPS exams – at least pick one and implement it and then come back let me if it has helped you?

  1. Give yourself enough time to study. Make a study schedule that fits your way of studying e.g if 1 hr in the morning and 1 hr in the evening suits your lifestyle then do that, don’t feel pressured to sit for 3 hrs to study yet our attention span is not that long. Let’s be realistic.
  2. Take 10 min/regular breaks in between the hours e.g 1 hr study 10 min break another 1 hr study
  3. Practice old exams….do this once you have finished the course content not before
  4. Make notes while studying
  5. Explain your answers to others OR to yourself… sounds insane, but works

Believe me when you start to put in the time with the books you get more into it and more confident that everything will be okay.

The best time is NOW


downloadA few of us have challenges preparing for CIPS exams. I know i did when i first started off and some of the things that i did:

  • Procrastinating thinking i have so much time and therefore waiting for last minute
  • Desperately going through content at marathon speed because of procrastinating
  • Panicking that i won’t make it because
    of procrastinating
  • Wondering if i should cancel the exam and find some brilliant excuse that CIPS will deem acceptable so that i don’t have to do the exam and maybe next time i promise myself to prepare well again because of procrastinating

There is the whole of April and some days in May that you still have left – I promise you this is ample time to prepare for even 2-3 CIPS exams if only you buckle down, open the books now and start.

So, the best time is NOW. What are you waiting for? Is all that procrastination necessary? Where is your struggle?