Comments from Students

This blog has been such a help to many students, the reason i keep it going even though i am MCIPS is because of feedback like this:

  • Dear Naomi, I am happy to share that i have passed CIPS-Level 4-1st chapter contexts of supply with Merit of 60 Mark.Thanks for your help on sharing past question it 60 is the good mark or average?I am looking forward to write next 3 chapters on May-2018.Your advice please.
  • Hi Naomi. I have received level 4 notes you sent.Thank you very much. You’re a life favour. Regards
  • Hello Naomi,
    thank you for keeping updated this blog and for the help you are providing to the CIPS‘ falks.

Some CIPS Stats, FYI


Did you know, for CIPS membership:

FY 2017 there was a total of 61,806 members worldwide

17,151 are from Africa

Africa represents 28% of CIPS Global Membership

Just a few facts I came across recently, which means we have a role to play in developing CIPS in Africa!

CIPS Past Exam Papers Request Form

Very excited, to share this…

I recently came across a page for CIPS Past Exam Papers Request Form which basically is a form for you to request for CIPS past papers… I am not sure if it works but i would like to share the link here and would love if any of you could test it from your end and see what comes of it? It is ideal for Certificate and NC students who dont seem to find past papers? If it works, this would be GREAT! This is what the form looks like!


CIPS November 2017 exam results

Many of you sat for CIPS November 2017 exams, today, results are OUT.

How did you do? Happy with the results? Sad?

For those who have successfully passed, congratulations. I know the journey is not easy that’s why it takes some of us longer than others to get to the finish line. If you didn’t perform as well as you had expected, the only thing to do is plan how you will do better next time. You cannot beat yourself up over things that have happened but you CAN plan for the future so that next time the results are better and remain POSITIVE.



Ready? CIPS May Exams, book now

Today exam registration is open for those who intend to sit for CIPS exams this May, these are the dates you need to pay attention to, remember there is plenty of time but start preparing as soon as you can, the sooner the better for you, don’t procrastinate:

Exam booking opening Opening 24 January 2018
International exam entry closure Friday 9 March 2018
UK exam entry closure Friday 16 March 2018
Exam cancellation deadline Friday 23 March 2018
Exam week Monday 14 – Friday 18 May 2018
Results published Wednesday 1 August 2018

2018 Happy New Year

download Its 2018 good people!

Getting excited about the new year is always a good thing irrespective of where you are at in life. Its an opportunity to make YOU and your goals a priority and to make the goals you want to achieve in the next 365 days. Those are a lot of days when you think about it, so definitely worth taking time to sit down and come up with at least 3 things you want to have done by the end of 2018 before the days fly by.

Have a great new year everyone, lets see what CIPS has in store for us this year. I know they have Africa growth strategies they hope to accomplish which will make a huge difference to the region.


I already have students in Africa who are preparing for CIPS exams reaching out to me, its never too early to start preparing for CIPS exams.