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downloadI am sure there are some of you holding on to past papers for CIPS Certificate in procurement and supply operations (NC)

Please share the past papers for NC that you may have so that i may share these with other students who have reached out asking for help.

Your support is appreciated!



6 days to Exams

For many of you sitting CIPS exams this November, this is a marathon week.

I will quickly share a few things i did in the days leading up to exams which really helped me to up my confidence in myself and in my preparation. You have 6 days, which is 144 hours!

  1. Take leave from work – you need time to be fully focused on CIPS at this point since you have just a few days to prepare – especially if you are sitting for more than one exam!
  2. Read your CIPS course book cover to cover minimum once – you have to touch all subject areas because exams will come from any section of the course material
  3. Get a timetable together, breaks should be included. In those breaks try to minimize your social media OR TV as much as possible  – instead go out for a walk, make a meal, sit in silence, call a friend etc
  4. Utilise your study notes and past papers once you have completed the course books – sit for the past papers in the same way you will for the exam and then review your performance, marke your papers, look for the correct answers
  5. Do not over think things – once you have tested yourself if you feel there are topics you need to revise again just go back to that topic give it another read through.

For CIPS if you fail to do what is required of you then you will prepare poorly, you will have high chances of anxiety. Preparation is key to confidence.

CIPS | Basic Understanding



Starting out CIPS is not always as straight forward, sometimes i hear from a number of new students who need guidance and information about starting our CIPS.

CIPS have made the information readily available but lets be honest, many of us are too lazy to do the research.

Basic pointers:

  1. Find out which level you will start at.  I recommend asking CIPS where you need to start by emailing them your basic info and qualifications on (most times with a degree, you start at CIPS diploma level 4, worth confirming)
  2. Register as a student (you need to because you need access to the portal, done online or through British Council depending on which country you are)
  3. Buy your books (online, hard copies – depends on which part of the world you are)
  4. Decide when you will sit for your first exam sitting (there are about 3 sittings er year – depends on which part of the world you are) exam registration is done online or through British Council
  5. Prepare for exams and sit for exams

Click below to access A guide to CIPS qualifications