CIPS Africa NEWS! Ghana Office is OPEN



Wow, how exciting for Africa?! 

CIPS now have a dedicated office and knowledge resource centre opened in Ghana on 9th October. All procurement professionals are welcome to use the facilities to get more information on qualifications, training and membership benefits.

The only other CIPS office in Africa is in South Africa, this is so significant to the overall CIPS Africa growth strategy. We are a huge number of procurement professionals in Africa this is significant for Procurement professionals. It wil help students with access to books too. 

 I think next we need to push for an East Africa office 😉


How to pass CIPS Exams


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Preparing for CIPS can be tough but is doable. I never failed any exam because I understood that if I prepared poorly I would do poorly. So, what tips worked?

  1. You have to read each course book cover to cover don’t skip any chapter. Minimum read through is once. Meaning you need to read at least one chapter per day. You can take the short test at the end of each chapter but not necessary. Use study notes in between your day which you skim through during lunch break or when you have even 10mins – it helps you master key areas. Need help here? Drop a line
  2. Download all past papers you can get your hands on. Look at them only after you are done reading cover to cover. Do not look at them before you finish reading, it will stress you. The past papers are to test yourself, sit mini exams which you will score yourself against examiners reports. When you get questions wrong you must go back to that subject chapter and read that chapter again. You should do past papers 1-2 weeks before the exam week. Doing it sooner will confuse you and will stress you about how much you don’t know.

When you do more than 3 past papers you will begin to notice repetition of questions. However because CIPS can test from any section on the syllabus you have to do a cover to cover read. 

Still need help? Drop a line.

Happy CIPS study season. 

Volunteers needed: Updating Past Papers


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I have been able to help many of you with CIPS past papers over the years but I now need your help. 

There are many more past papers out there that you have access to that I may not have access to. I need help from a few volunteers to help me update the past papers folders (all levels) on Dropbox with additional past papers (2015 to date?) to make the folders as comprehensive as possible.

Sadly I had also given access to users unfamiliar with using Dropbox and at some point all content was deleted and then later restored-which is tricky because I don’t know what was/ wasn’t returned to the folders.

Please let me know if you would be able to help me get those updates done to help even more CIPS students on their CIPS journey. CIPS students need a lot of help out there, let’s do this! 

Q&A: CIPS Exemptions


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Sometime back I received an email asking about exemptions when joining CIPS. I think I have previously just touched on the exemptions simply because most people with a first degree start at CIPS level 4 Diploma.

My thinking behind exemptions is that it is NOT necessary and I will share why.

  • You have to submit an application with certain requirements which are assessed and then you pay per course that you wish to be exempted from.

The current fee (until November 2017) for each unit exemption is £100.

  • If you truly are coming into CIPS with the aim to studying to be a full Procurement Professional then learning is your goal. If learning is the goal then why even apply for an exemption? Get in the system study and stop looking for shortcuts.
  • By you going through the system and taking each CIPS course that you need to, it really gives you an appreciation for MCIPS and for the journey.
  • Even though you apply for exemption, it is NOT guaranteed that you will get it.

If you are just getting start on studying for CIPS go through all the free information I have shared here.

We are voting for CIPS Global Congress Africa Representatives NOW 

I have previously shared with you about CIPS Global Congress and what we do as the representatives for CIPS growth in Africa and strategic planning of the same. The nominations for the open seats went through and I am sure if you are a paid up MCIPS in Africa you have received the emails.

Well, its time to vote! But who are you voting for? Do you know any of these people running for the Congress seat? Mostly likely you don’t know them that well or you have never heard of them.

CIPS has therefore made each candidate give a brief profile who they are, why they are running & what value they will add. Remember, they represent you me and other MCIPS in Africa so vote wisely. Take time to read what information the candidates have provided in support of their candidacy don’t vote blindly, because this is an important role.

The voting began on 8th August and ends on 23rd August, you have loads of time but please please vote don’t just sit there receive the email and leave it untouched. Do something, make a vote for the right Africa Representatives on the CIPS Global Congress. 

May 2017 Results IN

I have been sharing my CIPS journey here for other students and professionals who need that push,  help,  motivation & inspiration. I love hearing back from you to get your feedback. 

A student in SA first reached out to me when he ws started his CIPS level 4 journey. He invested in My Study notes,  followed the tips here and made it through and got to the next step. Next he planned,  prepred and sat for level 5 exams all in one sitting this past May 2017! Even I was never that ballsy.  He also prepared with past papers and made sure to get through the CIPS course books. Guess what? 

He passed ALL five level 5 exams in one sitting and sent me his results page snapshot. 

Congratultions Simba, well deserved, MCIPS is yours!