Top Tips: CIPS Exams,1 week only


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I have often shared many tips to get you ready for CIPS exams. The process and strategy remains the same and sometimes all i tell people to do is just these tips:

  • Read your CIPS course books cover to cover, exams can come from anywhere in the book. Don;t even use additional material stick to the CIPS course books
  • Practice taking past papers questions. By now you need to have started using past papers. This helps you get used to the format of the questions, and – if you time yourself – can also be good practice for making sure you spend the right amount of time on each section.
  • Dont panic sacrifice time now to study. With only 1 week to go, this week CIPS needs to be PRIORITY1 in your life, no shortcuts.

Need more help? I will personally respond to all your emails.


Hello July! 


A new month,  with a few days to CIPS July exams.  Sometimes the sacrifice seems really tough,  I have been there many times I truly know the feeling. 

What you need to focus on is the end game,  your end game, which is yo prepare well enough that you never have to ever resit another exam or any exam. I know I say this often, but, preparation is KEY…  it is everything when it comes to CIPS. 

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Its about your PREPARATION



We talk so much about how preparation is key for successfully passing CIPS. I get a lot of emails from students who are preparing and I’ll be honest, to respond some of these emails will take me quite some time which I don’t always have.

That’s the main reason for the coaching/preparation – 30min call session where I address all your burning questions. Most times one query often leads to another and another and another.

Since I will not be responding emails in long details, I am happy to schedule a WhatsApp or Skype call. This way I take you through your questions in details. I have provided tonnes of free content here which you can easily navigate and access. The call gets you clarity: you prepare your questions before hand and I address them on the call – the plus side is we get to discuss in details. A call may not be for everyone, I do find that it helps students who have tonnes of questions from the course books or even from past paper questions. 

Let’s keep the CIPS momentum going.

3 Tips to Successfully Studying for CIPS Exams While Maintaining A Job


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One of the best and worst things about CIPS is that it is a self study as you work qualification. 

Honestly, if you are currently in a full-time job, you will find it pretty challenging to maintain a solid study schedule in the week days. So a few tips that I want to share that can work for you the way they worked for me are:

  • Schedule your time and use a time table if you must but stick to it. Honestly you have to make time to study that’s the bottom line that you have to keep in your head. 
  • Study daily, you must. Now for me evenings would work first thing when I used to get home but this can be early morning as well if that will make it work for you. 
  • Make the most of your weekends, there is so much time. A weekend is a good 48hrs and you can do A LOT in those hours. Sacrifice socialising because there will always be time for that.

What’s your biggest concerns as you prep for CIPS July exams? 

What next? Need CIPS help


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makeI have received a few emails, asking me to tutor and to help in preparing for CIPS. Most of the time i may not always be available to tutor you directly which will hamper your progress. So this is what i am able to do. I am able to schedule a 30min coaching session with you. Yes you.

We agree the time and date of the coaching session.  I call you at the agreed time and date via Skype or Whatsapp. No special equipment is required, as Skype & Whatsapp runs on most laptops, tablets and phones so you would simply need to be in a wi-fi zone.

You can expect an engaging, positive, fun, and pro-active time.  In between scheduled sessions. I offer free support via email, to answer your questions or provide guidance thereafter. I have given you more details on the page here and you can schedule your session here

In the meantime, make the most of preparation for CIPS July exams which are right round the corner.

Its over!


There is a sigh of relief in the air now that May CIPS exams are over.
Here’s what i heard: some exam questions were repeated and some case study was repeated.

As part of preparing for CIPS exams going through past papers is a MUST. Imagine not going through a past paper for no reason other than sheer laziness only to hear that the exam that you just sweated out had some repeated questions? That feeling of dread over comes you.

Ok, so how did exams go? Share share share, lets hear it…

ps. I hope you’ve learnt the importance of past papers?
pps.I never in a million years thought CIPS can repeat questions!