Closing out 2017

downloadThe year is almost coming to a close, just a few days away, it has been a good 2017 full of  ups and downs for me personally. The best thing about a New Year is everything feels fresh, opportunities feel possible with the right attitude and you plan a few things you want to achieve even trying to improve your health and fitness.

I have been having an amazing time in Dar es Salaam over the festive period, not for fun but for work, ok ok there was a bit of fun too. A last minute opportunity a week before Christmas came up, which was to help a Consultancy on the most exciting project of East Africa, actually Africa. I have been working closely with a project team putting together a logistics proposal for the East Africa Crude Oil Project. If you are an East African citizen and you have no idea what that is, you are in slumber land, please please wake up things are happening. It is the largest pipeline project in Africa running, from Lake Albert in Uganda to Tanga port in Tanzania, about 1,400KM of pipeline. A project of this scale is going to run for the next 10-30 years based on production levels and the amount of opportunities for suppliers, job seekers and service providers is huge especially at this construction phase. Truly Tanzania and Uganda is where the action for oil and gas is happening!

I never in my wildest dreams thought someone would need my input putting together a proposal of that magnitude but they did and I delivered on my part, learning a lot in the process. Taking on that short term consultancy was a sacrifice for me, we have actually been working the whole time. We only had Christmas Day as a day to go to the beaches and have downtime.

Sacrifice and hard work are the core ingredients for those things that you want to achieve for YOU because no one will truly ever understand the goals YOU want more than YOU. I have now met and worked with an amazing team, a visionary team leader who has made me redefine my own personal work ethic. For me, its been a great way to close this December, done the proposal, made some money and now I start a new exciting chapter of my career in 2018, January 3rd to be precise, something i will share with you very very very soon.

Lets get into the New Years Eve celebrations and bring in 2018!

Peace, Love & Light to you all


CIPS November Exams|Postmortem

QIts the end of November, festivities are here! I think we have all had enough time to regroup and think about how things went with CIPS November exams?

I get a lot of people emailing me in the last minute haze desperate for help preparing for CIPS exams. I hope i managed to respond to each and every student who sent me an email i normally respond to every email.

How do you feel you did with the just concluded CIPS exams?

Let’s vent, let’s share, I would love to hear from you.

CIPS past papers Certficate & Advanced certificate


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Many students have been reaching out to me looking for CIPS past papers for level 4 and below as they prepare for certificate and advanced certificate. Sadly I have had to respond with ‘sorry I dont have any’ which is really not helpful.

I’m reaching out to those who did Certificate, Advanced Certificate, who possibly have their old past papers stashed somewhere on a gadget to please ley me know and we can figure out how to share them.

Drop me an email, let me know if you can help please? I know many of the CIPS fam here can come through on this and I can share the same withose who reach out to me. 

From what I understand very few of the past papers for CIPS Certificate and Advanced certificate are on cips website most are not.

Lets pay it forward #cips

CIPS Africa NEWS! Ghana Office is OPEN



Wow, how exciting for Africa?! 

CIPS now have a dedicated office and knowledge resource centre opened in Ghana on 9th October. All procurement professionals are welcome to use the facilities to get more information on qualifications, training and membership benefits.

The only other CIPS office in Africa is in South Africa, this is so significant to the overall CIPS Africa growth strategy. We are a huge number of procurement professionals in Africa this is significant for Procurement professionals. It wil help students with access to books too. 

 I think next we need to push for an East Africa office 😉